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Changing format

Posted: Tue, 31st May 2005, 1:05pm

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Lil Caesar

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HI im new to Alamdv and i was wondering what program u guys use to change the format of movie files, at the moment i use windows movie maker to edit my movies so they are in .wmv format, i have tried a few programs to change the file type but they make the film lose tons of quality. Any ideas on a good program to use?

thx wink
Posted: Tue, 31st May 2005, 6:31pm

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First off...

Try using EffectsLab instead of AlamDV. Alam is old, unsupported and very primitive to what EffectsLab can do. I'm not really sure why people still download AlamDV and ask questions about it (I'm not directly referring to you). It's not for sale anymore.

Anyways, you want to get your movie files to an avi, a mov, or use a .dv file. I believe there is an option within WMM to export to the avi format, just make sure you select no compression and the quality will be the same. You can also download Avid Free DV. With this free editor, you'll be able to export in a variety of formats, and it is good to learn its interface as it is similir to most video editing programs.
Posted: Tue, 7th Jun 2005, 5:14pm

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Lil Caesar

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Thx for help buddy, soz for late reply...

using effectslab now, and it is alot more complicated :p but im learning. oh and thx for the avid thing surprised