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motion blur with Chromanator?

Posted: Wed, 1st Jun 2005, 7:16pm

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I'm currently testing the demo version of Chromanator and would like to add motion blur to a layer.

Is this possible using Chromanator? All blur effects I found seem to work on a single frame.


Posted: Thu, 2nd Jun 2005, 9:32am

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Motion blur based on movement isn't available with Chromanator at the moment. To do it correctly would require something called Optical Flow, which is very difficult to get right, and currently only available on programs vastly more expensive than ours. However, we might be looking into something like this in the future, who knows smile
Posted: Thu, 2nd Jun 2005, 11:32pm

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However, usually usining the normal blur controls will look convincing enough as long as your movement doesnt last for more than a few seconeds.
Posted: Sat, 4th Jun 2005, 9:22am

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Thank you very much.
Posted: Fri, 5th Aug 2005, 4:12am

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Just for other readers I thought I'd mention AVS Converter, has this effect and is only $30.00 to buy, they also have a demo to try as well.
It also has many other effects including lighting, movie croppings, color adjustments... etc.

This Link tells you most of what it can do:

P.S. I tried this program, and liked it, and I still use it all the time. It works great for removing your movies from a DVD burner and then converts it into like AVI, MOV, WMV, and back to DVD.