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Next AlamDV2 Release

Posted: Wed, 13th Mar 2002, 1:37am

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Joshua Davies

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There is lots of news so I'll start with one of the most pressing issues.

The Mac Problems...
As many of you know I've been having trouble with the Mac version of AlamDV2. I finally got through to the right person at Macromedia today and they have told me that our problem is pretty common place on some Mac systems and there is basically nothing they can do until the release of Director 9 for OSX (no release date set). I was very unimpressed with this but there is little I can do on the Macromedia front that will help you.

I've managed to make the plugin installer a little more reliable but its still going to take some effort to install large amounts of effects into AlamDV2. It seems to be fairly reliable installing about 3-6 plugins at a time as long as you take backups of the storage files (the next release will do this automatically for you). The csb team will continue to work on some kind of work around until the OSX version of Director arrives at which time we will port as instantly as possible. Feel free to send some email pressure to macromedia on a daily basis asking them to hurry up a full OSX version of Director.

The next release AlamDV2 should work fine, but it may take some time to install the effects. Thanks for everyone helping us test things, I wish it was my code because then I could fix it. We will continue to do our very best.

The New Release...
Some people may have noticed that a new release hasn't come out for a couple of weeks. We haven't stopped development, in fact quite the opposite. The next version has so many changes it has required about 35% of the internal code to be rewritten. The new features that will be possible are huge and I don't think many of you will be expecting them. I was aiming for release later this week, but it’s looking more like Tuesday/Wednesday next week. This may even be the final version before the 2.1 CD release.

What does this Tim guy do?
Malone and Tim are working on some very important stuff that may even start appearing on the web site in the next couple of weeks. As you should all know, Malone has written all the code that controls the cinema, community and all the downloads - basically everything you are looking at. But his and Tim’s skills go much further than web design - you'll see what I mean over the following months.