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AlamDV2 v2.0.6 Release

Posted: Fri, 22nd Feb 2002, 5:20am

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Joshua Davies

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Hi Everyone,

After one hell of a day I've got there. AlamDV2 v2.0.6 has been released for Mac and PC. This is really a test version (see previous news) which demonstrates the new plugin loader and QuickTime Export.

The plugin installing code in AlamDV2 has been 100% rewritten so that it only updates new plugins rather than reinstalling all the plugins everytime you change something. Because of this some of the other plugin functions have been removed. I have also tried to fix the Mac problems people were having - lets keep our fingers crossed.

The other really big addition is QuickTime output for Mac and PC. Instead of being limited to just none compressed output you can now output to any QuickTime codec. This should be a great help to almost all Mac users and its something we've been trying to do for ages.

So thats two big things to test - no doubt you guys will wants some changes smile

Next week we will release v2.0.7 which will have all the new features that should have been in 2.0.6 - I'm really sorry they didn't make it guys but the plugin loader and QuickTime have been the most problematic parts of AlamDV2 so far.

Anyway, have fun. See you in the chat room.