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Where we are going..

Posted: Sat, 16th Feb 2002, 12:47am

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Joshua Davies

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Hi Everyone,

Just an update on whats happening with AlamDV and csb-digital.

But first, to all the people who got free AlamDV1 on a magazine cover disk: We no longer support AlamDV1 and we will not be adding any new plugins. If you like AlamDV1 then please try AlamDV2 (download the demo here) it has loads more effects and because it comes with a free plugin making program more are coming all the time. Remember that if you input the free username and serial code in the online shop you will get a 10% discount on AlamDV2!!

Next week we launch AlamDV2 v2.0.6 that not only fixes bugs but also adds some new features. Check this post on the forum for more information on v2.0.6. In the following weeks we will release v2.0.7 and v2.0.8 which both add major new features.

The csb-digital team will also greet a new arrival in the next week but we'll speak more about that when it happens.

We are also looking for people that can help us with AlamDV2 language conversions - we really need French and German before we can produce the CD and any other languages would be great too. We will be releasing a txt file with all the AlamDV2 strings in so if you can help then please say so here.

See you all in the chat room. We may even have some nice ladies on the web cam and in the chat room for the next two weeks - some student friends helping me with some research.