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AlamDV2 v2.0.5 Release

Posted: Mon, 4th Feb 2002, 8:17am

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Joshua Davies

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Hi Everyone,

Today we release AlamDV2 v2.0.5. I know its a day or two late but I've managed to add in some other bits and bobs that I didn't mention on the forum. The bug/functions lists have changed a bit so check them out below. The PC version is up now with the Mac version following later today. The PC version has deafult macromedia icons - don't worry - this is just while we finish our new XP icons, its not a BUG smile

Bundled with AlamDV2 v2.0.5 is the newest version of the Plugger (0.5a). This also has the deafult icon at the moment. Would anyone like to have a go at designing a nice high quality XP style logo for the Plugger? We'll stick the best one on the final release.

Plugger 0.5a supports the new extended plugin spec 101. This basically allow more control over certain aspects of the plugin and gives loads more overlay effects including the Black=Invisible overlay for simple masked effects. Plugin spec 101 is also backwards compatable with spec 100 so all your current plugins will still work fine.

Here is the list of bug fixes and new features. If you know a bug that isn't on here and isn't on the forum then please post it.

1. Fixed transparency issues for multi-layer effects when in the animation timeline.
2. Render warnings to stop users changing window while rendering.
3. Multi screen systems on the PC are better supported as AlamDV2 will try to detect strange screen resolutions.
4. AlamDV2 will remember where you placed the screen for the next time you load up.
5. Applying an effect while you are not within the span of the effect no longer creates an error.
6. Image output dialogs all corrected so they don't think they are movie output dialogs.
7. Delete key will kill the effect you are working on.
8. Animations/Effect Timeline tabs code fixed.
9. Cancel Effects Script Errors checked.
10. Cancel Keys for rendering and plugin installation (ESC).
11. IN and OUT frame markers update better.
12. Tool tips on zoom, object info and kill object buttons.
13. Apply Effect button above the escape effect button.
14. Plug-in names appear as they load.
15. Confirmation window appears after installing plugins.
16. Opening projects with multi-layer effects like lightsword will work correctly.
17. Mac Plug-in loading problems - some extra fixes.
18. Timeline span glitches fixed.
19. In the animation timeline the ESC key cancels the changes you are making and reverts the effect back to its previous state.
20. Its possible to open your exported movies while AlamDV2 is open.
21. Random clicking on first launch doesn't cause script errors.
22. Rendering bugs while on the animation timeline which leaves objects sitting in the background has been fixed.
23. Many other timeline upgrades at bug fixes - you should notice the timeline is more predictable.

1. Back to original shape option in the "Modify" menu.
2. Trial 16bit support.
3. Stretch Effect to IN/OUT frames in modify menu.
4. Tooltip names appear over the effects in the Effect Timeline.
6. Support for plug-in spec 101. This is backwards compatible with current AlamDV2 effects and adds some extra options. New overlay styles, default frame length for loop animations, plugin defined start size, fit to video size.
7. Plugger v0.5a with support for plug-in sepc 101 as part of the AlamDV2 installer.
8. Updated other skins for new buttons.
9. New Windows 2000 Skin.
10. Copy and paste object paths on to different effects added to "Modify" menu.
11. User can now output images to multiple formats. It is also possible to export the current frame easily from a drop down menu on the export dialog.
12. AlamDV will let you put in your own screen sizes.
13. You can now preview the frame you are on fully rendered.
14. You can now play and stop the movie using the space bar with the effects rendering quite fast.

There have also been a few new editions to the splash/credits screens.

Keep the bug reports coming in - I'll post info about v2.0.6 in the next couple of days.