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Competition Time!

Posted: Thu, 24th Jan 2002, 12:05pm

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Joshua Davies

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Hi People,

You lot have probably known about this one for a while now. There is a competition for StarWars fanfilm makers that means the man himself will take a look at your movie - apparently thats a good thing smile

The deadline for submittion is the 5th of April but there are lots of rules to do with sound track and stuff like that so check the following link for details.

Lucas StarWars Competition...

With AlamDV2 really beginning to take off (we should have over 70 plugins by the end of today) it would be cool for some users to getting in on the action and showing George what StarWars should be like (I think he has forgotten razz ). If you want to have a go and need some new effects then visit us on the chat where either a member of the team or another AlamDV2 user will be able to make you some cool effects now that the Plugger is out (Watch out for Fa][en - he is quickly becomming the plug-in MASTER). Also look out for STROBE on the chat if you need music - he can create just about any style you need and its all stunning.

For more information on what you need to do to submit your film check the link below. Good luck and make sure you tell us what you need.

Submit your film..

May the force be with you razz