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avi for life

Posted: Mon, 6th Jun 2005, 8:27am

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ya, the part i need to add effects to is in an .avi fromat...

so i decided to search F.A.Q. and figure out if other people have the problem withthe blue box
i came to find out that they did. So i tried BOTH of the codecs to ideally solve the problem, and it didn't work. so, i guess if you guys know what i am doing wrong, it would be a good time to tell me about it


I'm of course trying to run AlamDV 2.
Posted: Mon, 6th Jun 2005, 8:40am

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This is a problem we have addressed in EffectsLab. Theres no point using the AlamDV2 demo because you can't purchase it anymore. Give the EffectsLab demo a go instead.