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AlamDV2 2.0.3 PC Released

Posted: Fri, 11th Jan 2002, 7:13pm

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Joshua Davies

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Hi Everyone,

I've just put up AlamDV2 2.0.3 for the PC. The Mac version will follow as soon as possible once I've fixed the memory errors we are having.

Please read the tutorial on the forum to learn how to use all the functions of AlamDV2 - once you get used to it is far quicker and more powerful than AlamDV1.

AlamDV2 Tutorial

So what has been fixed and added then? Well check the list below:

1. Image Import Added.
2. Image Stream Import Added.
3. MicrosoftDV fottage can load through QuickTime.
4. QuickTime suffix lockouts removed.
5. AVI EXPORT FOR ALL CODECS providing the resolution of your movie is ok for the codec.
6. Export Script Errors Fixed.
7. Close Button -> Cancel Fixed.
8. Close Project Fixed.
9. Render Defaultly ON.
10. Render now clears on switch off.
11. Magnification Errors Fixed.
12. Lightsword/Multi-layer Problems Fixed.
13. Render Positions fixed.
14. General Script Faults.
15. Minor Save/Open Tweaks.

These are the main updates. The Mac version will ask include fixes to broken movs and plugin install problems.

Thank you all for your help in resolving AlamDV2's early problems. We need your detailed feed back so we can continue to move AlamDV2 on to release 2.1.0 - then we can send it out to magazines and start getting some press from the program and your movies in the cinema smile

Thanks again and I hope you enjoy the new release.


P.S. I'm working on the Plugin Making program as well for PC and Mac. A beta should be out in a few days I hope.