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A Few Website Updates

Posted: Tue, 8th Jan 2002, 10:04pm

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Ok, all the plugins from the previous news article are now in the proper AlamDV2 plugins list with nice images and everything. I apologize about the descriptions, I was unable to cajole anyone else into writing them, so you'll have to make do with my waffling razz. I've also got some nice submissions from fallen, which are awaiting script creation by schwar. So the plugin section is really starting to expand

The chat room has been updated. All the software to run it has been upgrade and is a bit slicker, I doubt anyone will notice, but trust me, it is! I've also done a new frontend for it which remembers your details.

My next project is the new forum. I've had a quick look at it, and it may take some time to implement what I want. But hopefully it'll be cool.

I have no news on AlamDV 2.0.3, from what I've heard I'm expecting it soon, but I'm sure schwar will mention a more definite release date.