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Rendered files not the same size

Posted: Mon, 13th Jun 2005, 3:21am

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I am editing in adobe premiere..I export a file and then apply the alamdv2 effects when I render them and export back to adobe premiere the file isnt the same size..for example it could be 1:28 originally but come back after effects added of 1:27 or 1:26 and this of course plays havoc in the premiere timeline if you have already synced sound and added foley. What am I doing wrong?
thank you.
Posted: Tue, 14th Jun 2005, 12:03am

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geigel1 wrote:

What am I doing wrong?
Using Alam DV2.

You have EffectsLab, use it. If you want Alam DV2 stock either wait or export the effect from Alam over black video, export, and you have yourself stock footage for EffectsLab. EffectsLab works better with file types, size, and exports to uncompressed files. AlamDV2 never really exported to full quality. EffectsLab also works with freehand masks.