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AlamDV2 Problems

Posted: Thu, 20th Dec 2001, 2:23pm

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Joshua Davies

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Hi Everyone,

Some people have had trouble with AlamDV2 so I've decided to post here a few hints and facts.

Firstly, AlamDV2 does NOT come installed with any effects (you have to download then) and it is NOT compatible with AlamDV1 plugins. The best of the AlamDV1 plugins will be converted over the next few days and we also have some new high quality AlamDV2 plugins ready to go.

So why doesn't it support AlamDV1 plugins and what do you do if you have tried to install them?
Firstly, AlamDV1 plugins are of a much lower quality than AlamDV2 plugins - when we convert them we will try to improve the quality of most of them. Secondly, AlamDV1 files had a script to make them work. This script controlled the interface and many other parts of AlamDV1. AlamDV2 files have a script file but it contains hardly any information as most of it is built by AlamDV2 itself. Because AlamDV2 plugins work in a much more simple way it has allowed us to make a little application so that you can make scripts yourself - this should be up around Christmas.

So what do you do if you have already installed them? Remove them from your AlamDV2 plugins folder - they will only cause the program to crash on launch. Don't worry, we will convert them across.

So on to AlamDV2. As you can see from my last post, this is the first release of AlamDV2 and we are not going to make a press release until you are happy with the program. As our users you will know when AlamDV2 is good enough for mass marketing - so we want to know what you think. We feel we need a lot more effects (over 100) and probably a couple of bug fixes before we get there some time early next year. This is good news for you because we will be working around the clock to keep on making new effects, so make sure you tell us what you want on the forum. I will also be working on bug fixes and adding the new features I have listed in my previous news article.

I've found one major bug so far - try not to press ENTER or RETURN loads before importing a movie - this can cause a script error. We will be patching against this soon after you tell us a few more things you find.

Speak to you soon.