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AlamDV2 Release

Posted: Wed, 19th Dec 2001, 12:57pm

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Joshua Davies

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Hi People,

Me and Malone have been working all night to get the first release of AlamDV2 out. Version 2.0.1 is now on the web site and ready to use.

We have had problems with some external components - but you can be sure that updates will come out as soon as new functions can be added. Apart from the new timeline interface AlamDV2 should be able to import all manner of AVI files. We are still having a little trouble with AVI output and QuickTime is limited to None Compressed but both these limitations will be updated in future updates. This version also has NO image support as time limited what we could test and finish.

The next update release should add many new functions including the ones above.

Here are a few highlights:

• Copy/Paste Effect Paths - Give more than one effect the same motion path.
• Lightsword Key - makes it as simple as AlamDV1 to add lightsword effectts while still allowing you to tween.
• Movie Playback - we hope to make either a preview render or a slow playback option.
• Quad Control with arrow keys.
• Change the background movie.
• QEffect - User defined effects on your keys 1 to 9.
• Image/Video overlays.

At the moment we are preparing for the press release of AlamDV2 so the help file will be along soon. There are lots of modifier keys to make things happen ... here are a few :

r = switch rendering on and off
tab = in animation mode allows you to move the whole effect - not just the current keyframe.
~ = Shows the path of an object - useful for smooth animation.
Backspace = Hold down to reload effects on AlamDV Launch.
Return = Apply you current effect and move back to the Effects Timeline.
Shift = While moving effects around on the Effect Timeline hold down shift to move up/down layers.
Home = moves the timeline to the playhead.
Up Arrow = On the animation timeline this moves the play head to the previous keyframe.
Down Arrow = On the animation timeline this moves the play head to the next keyframe.
Left Arrow = Previous Frame.
Right Arrow = Next Frame.

Well there is a start for you. As this is a new interface we are prepared for changes and bugs so keep us informed.

Have fun.