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Where is AlamDV2?

Posted: Mon, 17th Dec 2001, 10:59pm

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Joshua Davies

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Hi People,

AlamDV2 is going to be about 20hours late due to an unforseen problem. The AVI import/export was not functioning correctly and it has taken over 5 hours to fix the problem. This also caused problems with the render output and delayed us even more - GRRRR.

The good news is that Malone and I think we have overcome the problems.

AlamDV2 has a host of new goodies and outputting with a mask is super sweet.

The Mac version will only have none compressed QuickTime output for the first 1-2 weeks until we release the version 2.0.2 upgrade - this will mean that you can output Sorenson, DV QuickTime and other codecs on the Mac!! - "Finally, QuickTime, has come back, to AlamDV2!"

We are really sorry for the delay, but we are nearly there - see you tomorrow!