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What is next?

Posted: Tue, 11th Dec 2001, 7:45pm

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Joshua Davies

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Hi People,

As I predicted, everyone seems to love Malone's new AlamDV web site. You can all be sure he will continue to optimise it and add functionality - it's in his nature smile

So what's next for AlamDV?
We continue to build towards the release of AlamDV2 with the last beta release coming at the end of the week. The initial release date is still the 17th of December. We will probably be releasing the AlamDV2 Plug-in Constructor on the same date as a free application. Its a dialog driven application which makes creating effects from your images about as easy as click the mouse a couple of times and giving it a name - none of the scripting rubbish from the first version.

Just a note to users that are using free or demo version of AlamDV1. You can save 10% on the purchase price of AlamDV2 (£49.99) by purchasing AlamDV1 NOW. All AlamDV1 buyers get AlamDV2 for free so if you want to save money be quick - this deal ends on Sunday 16th!

Thanks to everyone who is beta testing AlamDV2 for all there helpful bug reports and suggestions on the forum - you guys are great.

Right back to AlamDV2 for me.

See you in the chat room.