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New Site Activated

Posted: Mon, 10th Dec 2001, 5:21am

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OK, its 5 am and we're putting the site up smile
Hopefully it'll all be fine, but if you spot something you dont think should be there drop me a line at The forums gonna stay pretty much the same until the forum makers release their next version (after xmas some time). At that point you'll only need one password for the forum and website (until then your gonna have to cope with 2 im afraid).

Also note the little cam bottom left. Thats schwar hard at work on AlamDV2. Give him some encouragement if you see him about (you can chat to him in real time using the chat).

Check out the new cinema too. Ive added the much requested voting system. Still needs a few tweeks but it'll be ok for now.

Right-o, im off to bed. I'll check my various bug reports tommorrow razz