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Stock footage: Conversion using Adobe Premiere

Posted: Tue, 21st Jun 2005, 7:46pm

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1. Download or locate whatever plugin you wish to convert

2. Start premiere

3. Select new project

4. Select edit --> preferences-->Still Image...

5. For durration enter 1 Frame

6. Hit ok

7. Press ctrl+I to bring up your import screen

8. Go to your plugin directory and open the folder you want

9. Go into images-->l1-->vc1

10. Hit ctrl+a to select all the images

11. Hit open

12. Now select them all in your project list

13. And drag down to your timeline

14. Hit ctrl+M to bring up the export menu

15. Select your filename and location

16. Hit the settings button

17. Select quicktime as your file type

18. Go to video and select DV/DVPRO

19. Hit ok and then save

20. It should now render your effect

21. Open up effects lab

22. Click on the stock footage tab

23. Click the folder icon located at the top

24. Locate the quicktime movie and select it.

There you have it enjoy!
Posted: Tue, 21st Jun 2005, 9:45pm

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Nice and to the point...Although this only works for people who use Premiere...And I do! Thanks.
Posted: Wed, 22nd Jun 2005, 5:05am

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you can do it on windows movie maker , its basicly the same idea
Posted: Wed, 22nd Jun 2005, 5:10pm

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Very simple... I think you got every step. +1
Posted: Wed, 22nd Jun 2005, 8:16pm

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Even my dumb ass didn't screw up with those to the point instructions. Thank you VERY much. +1!
Posted: Wed, 22nd Jun 2005, 9:23pm

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Only one question, some of the plugins have a "blue" background that when I ket them out against black vidoe in premire and open in effectslab it is washed out to the point it is too transparent to use (I tried all the tricks in some of the other posts and can't get it to work properly)

Could one of you fine gentlmen give me your thoughts on converting (with premire) the plugins with a colored background? The specific plugin I was trying to convert was the wings animation (wanted to screw around with Effectslab masking system)
Posted: Wed, 29th Jun 2005, 11:45am

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Simon K Jones

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Its important to note that you should only convert AlamDV2 plugins for personal use. The copyright of the plugins belongs to FXhome and only registered users of AlamDV2/EffectsLab are allowed to download them.

Feel free to convert them for personal use, but any form of distribution (even to other FXhome/AlamDV2/EffectsLab users) will invalidate your licence.

We'll get the official converted plugins up as soon as possible.