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newbie user need help...

Posted: Tue, 28th Jun 2005, 10:50am

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i am new in the alamdv2 program and i need a little help in couple things:
1)someone can explaine to me what precisely is effectslab-you can make the effects in thes program or its a new virsion of alamdv2?
2) i watched in a clip with the lightswords that was made in alamdv2 and when did pause to the clip the was looking like the light get backward(i hope you understand what i mean...) my quition is do i need to make it like taht when i edit the movie and put the lightsword effect on at?
3)i watched anther clip that was like matrix and there the camera make a 180 around the man but like in slow motion... and its was made with the alamdv2 program.. how he do at??? sorry about the long post...