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Wilke Battle

Posted: Thu, 11th Apr 2002, 10:34am

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Comedy battle in the safety of the home. See if you can count how many times the lightswords actually touch!

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Posted: Thu, 13th Jun 2002, 6:31pm

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Weird. You guys just swinging swords around? Had to give it a 1 for the lightsaber effort.
Posted: Fri, 26th Jul 2002, 1:10pm

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Rating: +1

you was lucky you never poked someone's eye out. lol

a bit more planning, and you could have won the battle.

1 vote for taking the time
Posted: Tue, 31st Dec 2002, 3:45am

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I give it ZERO, because it was sucky.
Posted: Tue, 15th Apr 2003, 11:01pm

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Posted: Wed, 16th Apr 2003, 9:49am

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Posted: Tue, 30th Sep 2003, 3:14am

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Hey, The movie stunk but it made me laugh because y'all never hit the swords together
Posted: Wed, 13th Oct 2004, 1:00pm

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steevix wrote:

Hey, The movie stunk but it made me laugh because y'all never hit the swords together
Posted: Sun, 17th Oct 2004, 6:27pm

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film freak

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OH MY GOSH! the lightsabers hit! they touched at the very start! but this movie still is by no means even worth 1. it dosn't have plot,action,suspence,comedy, or anything out of the ordinary. (execpt 2 people fighting with lightsabers in the middle of their house. frown
Posted: Tue, 7th Jun 2005, 1:42am

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what was that?

that was one daring duel!
Posted: Wed, 22nd Jun 2005, 9:11pm

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*puking* yuck that was horible!!
Posted: Wed, 14th Sep 2005, 11:36pm

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lol, that was cute.

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Posted: Thu, 15th Sep 2005, 12:13am

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It looks like the actors did not have any thing attached to the handle of their lightsaber prop handle. They had to immagine where the blade was. If this is the case, I give the movie a 2 for effort of the choreography and the lightsabers.
Posted: Sun, 19th Feb 2006, 2:48am

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Aim at the light sabers...not blind air.
Posted: Wed, 11th Jun 2008, 2:22pm

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The guy on the left was standing against too bright a background. The lightsaber was hard to see. Try thinking about setting. As a lightsaber is mainly white, a bright backgrounds negates the effect.