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Particle Engine?

Posted: Fri, 1st Jul 2005, 12:46pm

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Bryan M Block

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Well, I understand the concept, but how do I modify the particles so that I can make them look like smoke or fire or something?
All I see are a bunch of little + symbols.

Is there any idea when some smoke or fire presets will be available?

Posted: Fri, 1st Jul 2005, 12:47pm

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Simon K Jones

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Check out the quickstart, it has a tutorial on creating simple smoke using the particle engine. Presets will be coming soon, as will more tutorials.

The + symbols are there because you haven't imported any textures yet. The + symbols are placeholders.
Posted: Fri, 1st Jul 2005, 1:04pm

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Well Tarn really did solve this one. Not really anything I could say that would beat that. I guess it couldn't hurt to say what I was going to anyway. I was going to give you my wording for basically what the quick start says, but I will just post some high lights of the manual to save you some time.

Quick start manual (page 25):

1) "Extend the Effect Length slider to 40, then drag a particle effect from the effects browser onto the timeline to begin".

2) "The first thing we want to do is import some more interesting textures. Hit the blue 'Import texture' button in the
toolbox, then locate and select the smoke_1 and smoke_2 textures in the EffectsLab/textures/smoke/ folder".

That is basically it for importing a texture. It does say this directly after the above points:

3) "Right click the Default texture in the list and delete it. The new textures will appear in the texture browser".

Okay, hope that saves you some time.
Posted: Fri, 1st Jul 2005, 4:35pm

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Bryan M Block

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Thanks Guys,
I hadn't printed out the manual yet (Ihate reading that stuff sitting at my computer)