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Help editing a .mov in AlamDV2 needed please.

Posted: Sun, 3rd Jul 2005, 4:08am

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Well I recorded a small clip (about 5 seconds) of me moving a lightsaber around. Now, I just want to edit it with AlamDV2. I put the .mov on the desktop and tried to open it with AlamDV2, I get no errors, but instead I just get a little square with a black border and no actual movie to edit.

Help please?

(and don't say Effects Lab because I have no money to purchase it)
Posted: Sun, 3rd Jul 2005, 5:17am

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Update: OK, I got the video showing (I had to get the latest version of quicktime) but when I import the .mov, I only get 4 frames to edit.

When I play the original .mov I see the movie perfectly but when I edit it on alamdv2 I can only edit 4 frames, and that's all that plays after I finished editing those 4 frames.

Posted: Sun, 3rd Jul 2005, 7:28am

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Just a quick question: Why haven't you registred Alam on the site?
Posted: Sun, 3rd Jul 2005, 9:48pm

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Please register your AlamDV2 magic code for support.

I would also strongly recommend upgrading to EffectsLab as soon as possible.