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I need more info on EffectslabDV - help!

Posted: Mon, 4th Jul 2005, 5:29am

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I'm a high school teacher of media, and am looking for a good easy to use, cheap special effects software program I could use with my kids. I've been directed toward EffectsLabDV. Could someone confirm that yes, that yes, this is the software I should be using and then tell me what software programs it's compatible with? I'm currently using Ulead Studio 7 and at times Moviemaker V5.0. And provided the software is cheap, easy to use and compatible with the above, where could I purchase it? rolleyes
Posted: Mon, 4th Jul 2005, 5:38am

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I'm also a teacher and I've taught students how to use AlamDV2 (the old version of EffectsLab) quite successfully. They've used it to make some brilliant work. With the new EffectsLab, I don't doubt it'll continue.

As to your programs, EffectsLab works with files that you export out of your video editing program so any program should work. You simply export a clip and then open the clip in EffectsLab.

As for the price, I'd pay double or triple for this program. If you have any more questions, feel free to personal message or email me.

Posted: Mon, 4th Jul 2005, 5:43am

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This is definately the program you are looking for, it is easier than any other effects package out there, and still produces amazing results. It exports in AVI or Quicktime, so as long as your editor supports those (I don't see why it wouldn't), then you should be fine. You can purchase it by clicking on the effectslab tab at the top of this page, and selecting downloads. From there its pretty self explanatory.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the program, and so do your students.
Posted: Mon, 4th Jul 2005, 9:41am

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Reasons why you should get EffectsLab:

  • It's incredibly cheap compared to other programs that does the same thing.
  • It's very easy to use, even though it's a extremly powerful program (IMO powerful programs is often very hard to learn)
  • As I said above, it very very powerful.