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Hello, I'm new- help please!

Posted: Tue, 12th Jul 2005, 7:39pm

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Big Man

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Hello, I am new, and my 'company' is BiG MAN Entertainment.
I love making movies, but they are not all too good. I have an editing machine that hooks up to my TV, so I have had no experience with computer stuff. SO..... I have some questions.

First, what are the differences between the demos and the real software? If there arn't many, I would just like to download the things.(we have very small budgets at Big Man)

Next, what is a cheap but good video capture divice? How does green screen work, and what systems are needed?


Big Man
Posted: Wed, 13th Jul 2005, 12:51am

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Big Man wrote:

Hello, I am new, and my 'company' is BiG MAN Entertainment.
Let me start by saying welcome to the site. I hope you enjoy your time here as much as I have so far. This is a great place to learn a few tricks to spice up your movies, and you can always count on the members trying their best to answer your questions, or give you advice (most of them).

Big Man wrote:

First, what are the differences between the demos and the real software? If there arn't many, I would just like to download the things.(we have very small budgets at Big Man)
I believe the difference between the demo versions of the CSB products and a purchased version is basically that you can not render (save a final version) your movies completely with the demo. If you were to attempt I assume you would be instructed to purchase the program, or it would render your movie with writing across the picture as an attempt to stop you from saving your movie with graphics added by their program for free.

Note: If it is AlamDv you have downloaded the trial version of then you would not be allowed to access the library of "Plug-ins" (graphics made by others that can be used for your own personal use) supplied here at FxHome. I imagine the same is so for the "stock footage" library that will be installed in the near future for EffectsLab Dv.

Depending on how small a budget your company has these programs are not that expensive. These programs are definitely the best, most powerful programs you can purchase at these prices.

Big Man wrote:

Next, what is a cheap but good video capture divice? How does green screen work, and what systems are needed?
I am not all too well versed with cameras at this time, so I couldn't give you much advice. I have read much about cameras in the forums here at FxHome, so I can imagine you would find some useful information there. You can even make another topic asking for an opinion.

Green screening works by removing a specified color(s) (Blue, Red, or Green). Depending on if you use it correctly, the quality of your Green, Blue, or Red screen, lighting, and your imagination, you can come up with some pretty "neat" (for lack of a better word) effects for your movies. Chromanator is a relatively easy to use program for this kind of task. I would suggest downloading the trial version and reading the manual to make sure you know how to use it, and that the program agrees with you.

It is an ideal program for working with bad green screens, but it does have its short comings. It would most likely work for everything you need, and has done a great job for many members of FxHome (Me being among these members). There is always help for you, and the video tutorials show you some interesting things you can do with the program. I believe all of these programs work for Windows 2000/XP and Mac OS X, but there may be more in that list...perhaps some one could say if there are others.

Well, I think that about sums it up. If you have more questions, or if I missed something, feel free to ask. Again, welcome to the site.

See you around.
Posted: Thu, 14th Jul 2005, 8:26am

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Vault FX

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Hi, again welcome to the site smile I would say probably the best video capture device would probably be through firewire as you can capture high quality footage and it does tend to be quick smile

Hope this helps

Posted: Sat, 16th Jul 2005, 5:28am

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Rabbit Hole Pictures

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green screen, its great.

film anything, stand in front of a green screen that has good lighting. and key out the green, dude if theres anything you need to know, please give me a private message, ill be more than happy to answer back
Posted: Mon, 18th Jul 2005, 2:27pm

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Well, first off, demo's usually give you acsess to the minimum amount of Extra's. ANd by that i mean effects, options, ect. Also, the demos prevent you from rendering, or saving your video.

Second, each program in Fx has its own purpose. First off, CHromanator, is used for animation, and greensceening. Using the demo, animating and greenscreening with Chromanator is extremly easy todo. And if you dont exactly know what green screening is, its this...

The process of eliminateing the hue known as green and replacing it with a background image. So you could film yourself standing in front of a green sheet, and then make it look like your standing in a desert. Or, you can put video in as the foreground image, so you could film two green screen shots of your self and make it look like theres clones of you.

Animating is the process of grabbing the image and being able to move it.

Chromanator basiclly covers all that.

Know, if you want to add effects to your film, like, having muzzle flashes, explosions, ect. You want to go for an AlamDV product or the new Effects Lab. With them, you can add effects to your software with ease.

Ok, know, to capture video, a good beginners program is Windows Movie Maker 2 (If your a windows user) or I-Movie (I think thats the name, but its for if your a Mac User) Also, your best bet of getting goood quality from it would be a firewire cord, aka a 1394 connection. Hope this helped!
Posted: Mon, 18th Jul 2005, 2:40pm

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welcome to FX HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best website that you could ever ask for in an effects program. Just go try out the demos of all there greath products. Like EffectsLab DV (EL DV) with this program the sword it in your hand and the film is the innocent victom. Creath greath light sword effects and a kick in the but partical system. With the partical system you can now create splatering blood effects, smoke, even vomit it you edit long enough. With the Light sword effect you can reenact your favorite movie STARWARS and battal it our with any one when done filming your footage then the real fun begins. With lightsword effect you can now make it look like you have the power of a light saber in your very OWN HANDS and with some time you can cut your way to victory. But dont take my word for it try it your self with there great demo version. Well thats what im good at and if you have any questions about EL DV just give me a post and when i get it ill try my best to answer your questions. Your friend Irishcult