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Lightshow Beta

Posted: Thu, 11th Apr 2002, 10:34am

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All post effects done with AlamDV (which rocks) but more of a reminder of the power of practical effects. It's the same duel
you've seen a million times, but this time its done with the lights turned out. . .

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Posted: Wed, 17th Apr 2002, 11:29pm

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Very nice lighting effects.
Posted: Wed, 24th Apr 2002, 3:46am

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The blend of lighting and digital effects is practically seamless. I am particularly impressed by the reflections of the lightsabres in the background. This is easily the most interesting use of the lightsabre effect I've seen and a it's a great demonstration of "less is more."
Posted: Wed, 1st May 2002, 5:30pm

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This is a really good film. I especially like the way you did the lighting effects on your person. Awesomely done. biggrin
Posted: Tue, 7th May 2002, 4:07am

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Good shading, on the people of corse.
Posted: Fri, 7th Jun 2002, 5:15pm

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excellent effects and live action blown away by the reflection in the
background well done
Posted: Sat, 13th Jul 2002, 6:48am

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Brilliant lighting and the lightsabers are wonderful.
It would be very nice if you could make another one biggrin lol smile
Posted: Mon, 15th Jul 2002, 9:14pm

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I wish we could track down the makers of this film. They did an awesome job with the reflections. I'd love to see them make a whole film, they seem to have a LOT of talent.
Posted: Sat, 28th Sep 2002, 5:43pm

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mad i really have seen enogh duels why cant someone think of a story
lol but good work
Posted: Sat, 28th Sep 2002, 6:09pm

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I like this movie clip the lighting is very good espacially the reflection of the wall. I give the rating 4. wink
Posted: Fri, 8th Nov 2002, 1:33pm

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John Harrower

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wow. The lighting is superb. I havent a clue how it was done, but it was excellent.
Posted: Wed, 15th Jan 2003, 2:34am

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excellent! biggrin
Posted: Wed, 7th May 2003, 8:29pm

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This is an awesome looking video, but because of how flawless the reflections and the lighting looks, i'm not convinced that the lightsaber blade was one of the digital effects. I think that this may have just been a neon, or cold cathode light tube attached to the end of the base, although i could be wrong.
Posted: Sat, 15th Nov 2003, 4:51pm

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Yeah that's just what I thought.
Posted: Sun, 16th Nov 2003, 5:09pm

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Well yeah obviously. They used a mixture of both.
Posted: Thu, 15th Jul 2004, 7:52pm

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No entiendo cómo hicieron el efecto del reflejo de la luz. Creo que eso es lo extraordinario de este trabajo. Sigan trabajando en el destello al chocar los sables. Saludos desde Chile, sudamérica.

I don't understand how you´ve done the effect of light reflection. I think that is the best thing of this movie. Keep working on the flash at the sable contact. Hello from Chile in southamerica.
I'm sorry for my bad english. I speak worse than Yoda.
Good luck to all the community.
Posted: Sat, 30th Jul 2005, 5:21am

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This movie had great light effects on the people and with the reflection....the actors do know how to duel pretty well, they just weren't using much ''expression'' (just a tip for the future). Next time try harder on actually trying to kill each but good job anyways...

Posted: Fri, 13th Jun 2008, 8:40am

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May the Force be with you

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The lightsabers you used were probably already illuminated, right?
Posted: Fri, 13th Jun 2008, 3:29pm

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May The Force Be With You, stop resurrecting- rather pointlessly and arbitrarily- these movie threads. Please, man. These aren't even really noteworthy movies you're finding here to comment on, and they're from like 5-6 years ago-even the comments before your new ones are at least 3 years old!