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Posted: Fri, 15th Jul 2005, 11:53am

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"Shootout" is a concept video I made to test out fast paced music editing and EffectsLab DV special effects. To do this, we had one soldier have a shootout with two other soldiers. Any comments on how well we achieved what we were testing for in our concept video, or any other comments would be greatly appreciated. And yes I know the setting could use some work. And thanks to Serpent for hosting this movie.

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Posted: Fri, 15th Jul 2005, 12:33pm

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Quite cool, nice costumes and look, and well done muzzle flashes. I think it could have done with even more fast paced editing though, maybe more frantic camerawork too. And I don't know why, but I hate showing people being killed in slow motion. Doesn't look realistic IMO and looks rather theatrical, I like to see bodies just shooting sideways to the ground quite fast.

Nice though, the camerawork was good & if you planned a movie with a storyline using what you've got here, could be ace.
Posted: Fri, 15th Jul 2005, 3:54pm

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And thanks to Serpent for hosting. wink

Ok, 3/5. Editing, not bad. Gun sound was fantastic. Music was pretty good as well. Though I am not sure if it fit. Costumes were great. But for even a small test like this, at least find a cool location. The muzzle flashes, I don't know why, were some of the best I have seen on here. They were just kind of unnoticable, the kind you wouldn't even think was an effect unless someone pointed it out. Nice work for a test.
Posted: Fri, 15th Jul 2005, 4:21pm

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Not bad. I thought the effects were pretty good especially the digital blood which actually worked out well in that. I liked the costumes except the paintball mask. I didn't really like the music you chose for this but that is just my taste. 3/5
Posted: Fri, 15th Jul 2005, 6:02pm

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Considering that this is primarily an effects/sound test, I am giving this a 4/5, and this is why.

The muzzle flashes were not bad, they could have been better, but were, in no way, the worst. As far as "CG" blood goes, it's my opinion that you pulled it off better than most. When I first watched this I was under the impression (for a second) that it was blood packets, but then I noticed the lack of signs indicating a blood packet had gone off (blood on the characters, floor, walls, furniture ect...).

The choice of music was a little slow for me, just a tad. That isn't to say I didn't like your editing of the music (I am assuming it was edited by you some way...). Each and every climax of the song in comparison to the action (or what was occurring at the time) was well timed. Also, your use of sound effects seemed spot on, at least I didn't see any in discrepancies

As I have said before, because this was mainly an effects/sound test I am giving this a four. If there had been more content for rating criteria the result may be different, good or bad. Staying with the fact that this didn't have a script, or "tons" of effects, I think this deservers what it is getting from me.

Again, this was fairly well done.
Posted: Fri, 15th Jul 2005, 9:23pm

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I didn't really like the music and it seemed a little too bright for me. Other then that, awesome job. I loved the uniforms, the muzzle flash, and I especially loved the blood effects. Awesome job.
Posted: Fri, 15th Jul 2005, 11:05pm

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Thanks for the pointers guys. Sorry Serpent, forgot to acknowledge you in the description, I'll fix that. I'll work on a better locale and find some better music for my next films. Once again, thanks guys.
Posted: Fri, 15th Jul 2005, 11:11pm

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That was pretty good! Recoil was fabulous, must be airsoft guns with blowback? Muzzle flashes were also great, any tips? smile The costumes were great, the editing was good, the music fit well although it was a bit too slow and high-pitched for me. Sound was pretty solid as well.

What I didn't like was the grading, which was far too bright for my tastes, you couldn't see much. And it didn't have any story, so I'm giving this a 4/5.
Posted: Sun, 17th Jul 2005, 4:15pm

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Kid Entropy

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I thought this was a great test, with awesome muzzle flashes and sound effects (were those game rips or something else?). The location was sub-par, mainly because of the extremely bright white walls that obscured everything. And props for using the Metal Slug music in the background. This test reminded me of a live action version of that game. All in all, a 4/5 from me.
Posted: Mon, 18th Jul 2005, 4:21pm

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Haha, nice to see that someone is a Metal Slug fan out there.
Posted: Tue, 19th Jul 2005, 4:30am

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Metal...sluggg.... RULES!!!!!!!!! nice movie.
Posted: Thu, 21st Jul 2005, 7:15am

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The good.

sounds effects, tracers, blood hits and props.

The bad.

The editing, cinematography, music and the Overexposure levels were insane. Set your camera to manual exposure next time.

Otherwise, that was pretty good for just being a straight gun fight.
Posted: Thu, 3rd May 2007, 7:12am

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Recoil's nice to see. To many movies where the gun's on full auto and it's not even shaking a little bit. That alone made it worth watching, even if I almost spazzed out by the camera settings.
Posted: Sun, 16th Sep 2007, 7:00pm

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ok, i won't comment on the over-exposure as that has already been shot down, but i though that it was generally good. The only thing i found lacking was any sense of story line. Because your soldier was dressed (in my opinion) as someone in desert storm or iraq, but the people he was shooting looked like german ww2 soldiers. The multiple cuts were good but in the begining when i first saw it, i assumed that there was about 4 people in that room...though at the end this was corrected. 3/5 from me, because overall it was a good scene.