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ALAMDV2 plugins use with EL newest version

Posted: Thu, 28th Jul 2005, 7:18pm

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I noticed that there are no instructions on how to install plug ins to a MAC. PC instructions our outlined but nothing for MAC.

Can ALAMDV plug-ins work on EL? If so please share installation how to install instructions..

Thanks in advance.
Posted: Thu, 28th Jul 2005, 7:29pm

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Posted: Thu, 28th Jul 2005, 8:05pm

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For starter, I don't believe you have access to download plug-ins; it is my belief that you have to purchase AlamDv2 (which is no longer available on the market). However, maybe a member that just owns (EffectsLab Dv for example) a CSB product has access to that page. You may want to check this before even considering adapting plug-ins.

Okay, now the issue of using plug-ins. There are several topics in these forums regarding this subject (as Jonne so tastefully said lol), and they all say almost the exact same thing. Basically you will find almost all them reading as such: (quick summary)

I should point out before I continue that plug-ins are only pictures converted by "The Plugger" (a program which is used to make the files acceptable as plug-ins by AlamDv2).

EffectsLab Dv does not incorporate the use of "plug-ins", it, instead, uses "stock footage" (previously filmed or "captured" footage placed on to your film for quick and easy use, in this case most likely a graphic). This doesn't mean that the plug-ins are un-usable, but it does mean that they can not be used in there "plug-in" state. They must first be converted to a movie file format (in this case QuickTime .mov because that is all EffectsLab Dv can read stock footage as).

To change the file format, the quickest and most well known way, is to use your NLE (Non Linear Editor), place every frame of the plug-in in the order they are numbered in (if this applies) and save it. You may have to shorten or lengthen the frame rate of all of the pictures to get a "real time" look, so that it plays out smoothly. All of the frames must have a black back ground in order for EffectsLab Dv to key it out, and only leave the desired footage.

End of Summary;

That is about everything that can be said on this matter in a summary. One more detail is, if the NLE you use saves as .avi, or another format not accepted by EffectsLab Dv as stock footage, you will have to find a way to change it to QuickTime, as I said above. Steps to do this can be found here.

If you need to do all of these steps, due to how your NLE saves, or some other issue, you may just want to wait for the stock footage library that is in the works at the moment. It will be found here at the site, and will have a large number (I believe) of stock footage that are already the right file format and ready to be used.

Hope this answers your question.

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Posted: Thu, 28th Jul 2005, 8:11pm

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Wizard i appreciate the brief summary. I was browsing using the search button and got side track on other topics. I came across the detonation site along with others. I will experiment with those in the meantime.

Thanks. Can't wait for the stock footage coming to this site soon..