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Ultra vs Chromanator

Posted: Sun, 18th Sep 2005, 7:07pm

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Hello about a year ago i boght a awsome program called Ultra by serious magic. I love EL so much so i was reading about question is if anybody used both of these programs and could tell me which one is better. I herd there is a new version of cromanator comming out. now i know u get this alot but when do u expect the new cromanator to come out. I am interested in buying it like im sure most are here. Thank you to all those who took the time to read my inqueries.
Posted: Mon, 19th Sep 2005, 9:36am

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As far as I am aware, they are very different programs.

Ultra is a real-time chromakey program, specialised to do exactly that. It also has a faintly bizarre feature that enables you to use pre-designed 3D sets.

Chromanator, on the other hand, is a general compositing application, which gives you a huge variety of options. It's also considerably cheaper. You can check out some of the possibilities by browsing the tutorials: