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Posted: Tue, 20th Sep 2005, 11:36am

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hey, Whats the best way of lighting the green screen? a diagram would be most helpful, i done a few tests, but i get slight shadows, i know doing it outside on a cloudy day is good but what if thats not possible.
Posted: Tue, 20th Sep 2005, 12:12pm

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Lighting a shot against a green screen requires two separate groups of lights.

One group is used to just light the screen itself - to ensure that the cover is even and there are no noticeable light or dark patches.

The second group is used to light the actor(s) and should be designed to ensure that any shadows that need to be cast, are cast in the right direction.

You'll probably find you have to film your actors quite a way in front of the screen, since you have to place the screen lights between the actor and the screen - otherwise the screen lights will spill onto your actor.

With chromanator, however, none of this is really that important unless you're going to do something seriously high quality with the footage. Chromanator can deal with a horrendously poor greenscreen which isn't lit at all and still yield decent results.
Posted: Tue, 20th Sep 2005, 8:54pm

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TimmyD wrote:

Well, its like this

Heres the link to that post in a Greenscreen Lighting Topic.
If you read through that whole topic, you should be set for good.