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Scale in green screen models.

Posted: Mon, 3rd Oct 2005, 3:17pm

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I thought i should put this here it may get a better response in a new thread, apoligies if you had already seen this.

Ok im looking around on the net and i cant find any straight answers on scaling in green screen. Have i got this right: Background plate with object 150 Meters distance from camera (example man), to get the green screen object looking right (example toy car) do i divide the distance by 16 if the model is a 1/16th scale. so there fore place the camera 9.3 meters away from model? (so it looks in scale) I know you can scale in chromanator but i wanted to get the models as close to perfect res as i can. and get all the angles looking right. am i making sense? I need them to look as real as i can. and not look out of place in the final composite.