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JVC Everio HDD format

Posted: Fri, 28th Oct 2005, 10:47am

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H M Lang

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Hi just wondering if you guys will build in direct support for the .mod format used by the JVC MG range camcorders that wright a file straight to there harddisks. its basicly a unencripted DVD format VOB file but has the extension ".mod". The video is mpeg2 not mpeg4 like in the smaller solid state camcorders.

Just wondering if you will ever be abale to suppot loading these files direcly without having to convert them as i think the harddisk camcorder format will grow in popularity in the home market.

The camcorder range i speak of

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Posted: Fri, 28th Oct 2005, 10:54am

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Joshua Davies

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MPEG2 is a terrible codec for editing in so I doubt we'll be supporting it any time soon - you would be much better off moving to a different codec when editing.

I also doubt that harddisk cameras will do very well in the long term for many reasons. Solidstate memory is getting so cheap and is far more reliable and uses a tiny percentage of the power. Panasonic (owners of JVC) are going solidstate with P2 which will move to consumer level soon (at professional level there are already 32GB cards which is bigger than the HD used in these JVC cameras). No moving parts and low power useage is the way forward for portable storage.