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New Plugins

Posted: Sat, 19th Nov 2005, 2:00am

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I love EffectsLab but I was wondering when you guys are going to make some plugins and extra effects or a plugger to make our own?
Posted: Sat, 19th Nov 2005, 4:22am

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Erm, do you know what plugger was? Plugger turned your image stream into an Alam DV compatible format. They made the images/image streams in other programs such as particle illusion, 3d studio max, or even filmed explosions with their camera. It is called stock footage, and by searching the forum, you will find that it is provided by thousands of people all over the web, not just here.
Posted: Sat, 19th Nov 2005, 5:04pm

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There will be no plugger for EffectsLab. The big difference and improvement with the new program is that it isn't necessary, because EffectsLab creates the effects within itself. Now presets are where you will get the ease of use that made AlamDV so popular. they shuld start coming in the not too distant future, as well as some changes to the stock footage capabilities.

Until then, what type of effects are you wanting, and perhaps you can get some tips on how to create them in ELab.