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how disappear but behind green suit

Posted: Mon, 28th Nov 2005, 1:28pm

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Hi it me Byron want know how can make disappear part of body for example when you and me vs lasersaber when fight happen i hit you your leg take off but will show picture it leg disappear you was fall down but behind Green screen how can make that like put leg or arm was disapppear but it not sure has behind for example i can see your arm color green when i hit your arm or leg then put use Chromanator make how ? i want know how make cool
Posted: Mon, 28th Nov 2005, 2:17pm

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Okey i'm having some trouble understanding your english, especially since it's not my primary language.

As i understand it, what you want do to do is like Sollthar's tutorial "Losing a leg"

check this out:

Anything done there can be done in Chromantor.. even with basic knowledge.
Posted: Mon, 28th Nov 2005, 2:21pm

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Dude you got a bit jumble of words there.

Are you asking how to make someones leg dissapear?

If so then-

1-Film your character infront of a greenscreen.
2-Chromakey your character using Chromanator.
3-Use the 'Garbage Matte' Masking system and draw a mask around the leg when it gets cut off.
4-Put another track of the same footage and repeat step 2
5-Mask the leg again only this time make it 'inverted' so everything BUT the leg is masked.
6-move the leg around make it fall or fly off, your choice.
7-Add a backround to Chromanator and then do a preview render of one of the frames, one of them with the leg flying off.

If that doesn't help then ask me questions by PMing me because I'm in a rush!

[EDIT: Woah! Sorry Andreas I didn't see your post when I clicked the 'Add Reply' Button!]