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Some Questions

Posted: Wed, 30th Nov 2005, 9:24am

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hello community,

i´m totaly new here (and to the material of videomaking/editing) and i have some questions wich i hope some of you can answere. im thinking about to buy me Chromanator and EffectsLab but first i want to know something about EffectLab. i did download the demos and test them a bit so i dont know if there is more stuff in the full version. so my questions are:

- are there more than 3 effects in the full version (or to download) than muzzle,lightswords and particles?

- are the "plug-ins" new effects or what exact is a "plug-in"?

- can i use the plug-ins from AlamDV(any vesion but i think the most is from AlamDV2) in EffectsLab too?

- can i use the "plug-in maker" from AlamDV for EffectsLab too?

- can i make some "3D-models" (like i saw at the plug-ins, for example an droid from StarWars wich is walking arround) with EffectLab? if not how can i make some and animate them?(if i need another programm please tell me wich, maybe there are some for free?), and can i "animate" them in EffectsLab? (i mean let them walk,jump or what else? i guess i can this only if i can build them in EL)

- are the upcoming effects (like lens flare) for EL free for download? (if i buy now EL, can i download them for free or must i buy the new version too?)

- is it possible to "edit"/makeing some effects in a computer generated scene?(for example if i capture a scene from a pc game (with fraps or something) or even build a own scene (with maya,3Dmax, Ulead Cool 3D PS or something else and convert them to an avi format)

- can i make more than makeing gun and lightswords effects with EL? i read somewere that is possible to make ,for example, "weather effects", is that true? are tutorials in progres for something like this? btw i think your tutorials are realy GREAT wink

i guess that are for now all questions i have

thanks for answerering

PS:please forgive me my english, not my mother language smile
Posted: Wed, 30th Nov 2005, 9:37am

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The muzzle flash, neon light and particle options are effect engines, they allow for an almost infinite number of effects to be made. We will be adding more effect engines as time goes on (these will be available in free updates, up till the next major version).

We don't use "plug-ins" anymore, we have switched to normal stock footage which is a lot more flexible. You will be able to use the images from the AlamDV2 plugins as stock footage in the next version of EffectsLab.

There is no native support for 3D file formats. You may have seen 3D models that people have rendered to stock footage, these can then be manipulated in the same way as any other stock footage. The programs let you composite stock footage on top of each other, so you can create any scene you want (eg game footage with 3d model footage over the top and then weather footage on top of that), you just need to get the footage from somewhere.
Posted: Wed, 30th Nov 2005, 9:47am

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First of all, welcome!
I believe much of these questions will be answered live tonight in the chat, read about the event here:

I'll try to answer your questions, even if an Fxhome employe maybe should do it, EDIT: as malone just did above me smile

- the 3 effects, are more of particle engiens then actuall effects.
with these 3 alone you can do an infinity of diffrent effects.
Lens Flares, Multi Emitters, Presets (pre-made effects) and stockfootage (old alamdv2 plugins and others i believe) will or are already avaiable.
So no worries, even though it looks like little compared to the huge library of plugins, you have more artistic freedom with Effectlab, and the old plugins will come as stockfootage at

- Well, i dont know how to explain a plug-in exactly, but plug-ins were the stock footage for alamdv2. I believe they are using the term "stock footage" now, as it's more or less standard word for downloadable add-on effects. This is a great explination from Wizard

The plug-ins lilphil212 are speaking of are slightly different then that of the ordinary "plug-ins". If you have used Adobe Image Ready/Photo Shop, or similar programs, you have most likely used what are called "filters", to create or change certain things about the project you were working on. These filters are also called "plug-ins".

Although in this case, plug-ins refer to pre-made graphics and such made by members, that are usable by other members. The plug-ins are not filters, in which you can change the values (other than transparency in most cases), but rather, graphics created by other people, made in multiple other programs.

They are simply image streams that are converted by a program called "The Plugger", into a format which allowed AlamDV2 (EffectsLab DV's predecessor) to incorporate them; supplying you with an interface that easily allows you to place them onto your footage; much the same way stock footage is used, yet still very different.

You can take a look at the once popular download section of the many existing plug-ins by clicking here, but unfortunately, you will not be able to download them, as you do not own an FXhome product. You can also find this page by clicking the "More>" tab at the top of the page, then "Old AlamDV2 Downloads", and finally the last link of the page for the old plug-ins.

Have a great day.
- Yes you can use the plug-ins from AlamDV, you can convert them using a non-linear-editor or quicktime pro. As soon as fxvault will launch, much of them will be available for download.

-No you cant use the plug-in maker. but creating own stock footage will be easy enough. I'm sure there will be a tutorial up on that later here at

- Effectslab is NOT a 3d program, AlamDV2 wasn't either and it was never ment to have 3D plugins. Learning 3D is a hard process, there are some great 3D artists here at FXhome that are very helpfull. If you want to learn 3D the most used FREE program is blender ( ).
I've heard its very hard though compared to other 3D programs.

- Yes, lensflare will be a built in effect like the 3 that already exist.
Many of the old alamdv plugins will also be free, some won't.

- You can apply effects to any sort of video, as long as you can import it.
Effectlab can import loads of diffrent video codec, so that shouldn't be a problem.

- I haven't made a weather effect myself, but the particle engine is capable of much. I can't see creating rain to be a problem.
Pre-sets will come which you can adjust yourself. the pre-sets are pre-made effects.

I hope I solved some of your thoughts. If not, make sure to join the chat today.

EDIT: Malone beat me! smile