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FXhome advertisement idea

Posted: Tue, 6th Dec 2005, 5:19am

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Imagine that you were on the web, and never heard of fxhome.
While searching, you spot an ad in the corner window that says,
"Create your own home movies with special effects program ALAMDV2,
which allows you to create high quality explosions, lightsaber, fire and more for ABSOLUTELY FREE!"
Now how would you react to that? And also add that it is (was) a $100 program. They would then download the full program use it for as long as they wanted, and find out how easy it is to use.

Some would just use the effects program and keep it, but many would become interested and buy the newer Effectslab Pro (Alamdv3), perhaps even going on to buy others like VisionLab HD Pro, Composite Lab Pro, and Chromanator.

Since Alamdv2 is now, "very old and underpowered, and no longer sold or supported" What do you have to lose from giving it away free for advertisment? Seems like a pity to just discard it.

To prevent people from just waiting for new programs to become old and "get it for free" instead of buying it you could make it clear it is just a one time offer only to be used with Alamdv2, and you would not do it with Effectslab or other future programs.

For the people who had to buy Alamdv2 you could give them a period of time in which they could upgrade to Effectslab for a discount, then after the time period was over you would give out the promotional alamdv2 for free. Anyone wanting to buy Effectslab after the time period is over would have to buy if full price.

In the end more people would be interested, and would create a larger business clientele for Fxhome. You really have nothing to lose by doing it.
And Fxhome could make a lot more money if only more people knew about these products! An advertisment like this could be successful in drawing even more customers to this site.

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Posted: Tue, 6th Dec 2005, 9:53am

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We did what you are suggesting with AlamDV1. When AlamDV2 was released we gave AlamDV1 away for free on many different magazines, we also offered a discounted upgrade.

We had lots of people use the free copy of AlamDV1, but it had no positive impact on sales. ADV1 didn't reflect the quality of ADV2, it put people off more than anything else. People thought we were just a cheap and nasty shareware company.

Now the difference between ADV2 and Elab is even more massive. I think ADV2 would actually be a bad advert for our new products. It was fine in its time, but it's very dated now.

Theres also the support issue. You have to provide support if you're actively promoting a program, otherwise people get very confused and frustrated. We really don't have the resources to support all the old versions of our programs, especially if theres a large number using a free version.

I think these are the reasons you don't see other software companies giving away old versions. It seems like a good idea in theory, but in practise it actually works against you.