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software media (AlamDV CD Version)

Posted: Tue, 16th Apr 2002, 3:54pm

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could you please tell is the software going to be made available in disk form. As i only have NET availability in the work place and not at home.

Is a CD ROM version coming out please


Posted: Tue, 16th Apr 2002, 5:27pm

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A cd version IS soon comming, but I don't know when...
Posted: Tue, 16th Apr 2002, 10:08pm

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i think the version that will be on cd will be done within the next couple of weeks..the cd version should follow soon after i guess
Posted: Wed, 17th Apr 2002, 1:00am

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Yep, I think Schwar is really aiming for late May, we'll see how things go down, though. Once 2.1 is released, so will the CD version. It should be pretty cool: including most of the effects in teh plug-ins section, a FULL help file, and AlamDV of course!
Posted: Fri, 19th Apr 2002, 10:51pm

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Lord Dugall

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Is the Cd version going to be more expensive than the download?
Posted: Sat, 20th Apr 2002, 12:30am

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I asked the same question in the chat: Schwar said around the same price, not too much higher becuase if it was a lot higher, most people would just buy directly from CSB online, which the distributers don't want. They want to make money too biggrin
Posted: Sat, 20th Apr 2002, 11:00am

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Yeah, I doubt it will be much more than the download version. I think its fair to charge a little more because you will be getting a snazzy CD and case smile Nothings been finalised yet, and a lot of it is up to the distributers. csb-digital will be making a lot less money from CD sales because the distributers will take their cut (but hopefully we make up for this by selling more copies).

Anyway, all the details are still being discused, and we'll tell you whats going on as soon as we know ourselves smile