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New film maker

Posted: Wed, 14th Dec 2005, 10:56pm

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Some friends and I are going to try and put together a fanfilm over the summer and I was wondering what the learning curve is for this software. None of us really have any prior knowledge in doing digital effects or anything and I was wondering how user friendly the product is. The effects I'm really hoping to pull off are muzzle flash and maybe some fire.
Posted: Wed, 14th Dec 2005, 11:21pm

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The new line is incredibly user friendly. Of course, I can only speak for Effects Lab DV personally, but since the other programs are built on the same basic layout, I think it’s safe to say they are easy as well.

Many of us learned to use special effects back on AlamDV2 or even AlamDV, and the new programs are much simpler to understand, and much more powerful.

I don’t think you should have any trouble learning to make great effects, as long as you follow the quick-start guide that comes bundled with the program. Not to mention the numerous tutorials, that are bound to pop up (if they haven’t already)

Posted: Wed, 14th Dec 2005, 11:23pm

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Picture photoshop for video, with a few less abilities, and you've got Effectslab DV. Photoshop for video, Effectslab Pro. And

Why not just try them out first?

Demo, man demo.