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Bullet Exit Wounds

Do you like the idea of having a bullet exit wound?

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Posted: Thu, 18th Apr 2002, 7:33am

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I love the bullet wound you guys made, obviously it looks like an entrence wound, but now can we have an exit wound? A wound larger than the entrance wound would be great for a bullet exiting the body. It should look nastier, and more grotesque. We should have one for different bullet types such as 9mm, Shotgun, AK-47, etc. What do you guys think?
Posted: Thu, 18th Apr 2002, 4:13pm

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good idea! we can show that the bullet is half red and its leaving a small blood trail

ps: i'll edit the ak-47 bullet right away~!
Posted: Fri, 19th Apr 2002, 1:52am

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I made the first bullet wound plug in and i think it would be extremely hard to make a bullet exit wound realistic becuase usually when the bullet exits alot of blood comes with it. i would try to make it but for some reason i cant get the hang of the plugger
Posted: Fri, 19th Apr 2002, 8:50pm

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Hey kids,

You clearly have little understanding of bullet wounds.

Not all bullets exit the body. Most of them don't.
And the exit wound from something like a .22 is nothing like
the one from an AK47.

I refer you to the following as good references for bullet wounds

Nice site, technical detail a little old, but it covers entry, exit, bones, etc.

Fantastic article. Very detailed.