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A Spinging CD

Posted: Tue, 3rd Jan 2006, 11:09am

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I need a spinning CD-Rom Disk that jsut spins on a black background or a greenbackground.

Hope anyone can help thanks.
Posted: Tue, 3rd Jan 2006, 6:14pm

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Couldn't you just download a picture of a CD-rom disc and animate it as rotating? That seems a bit easier.

You could even take your own picture. Fancy that.
Posted: Tue, 10th Jan 2006, 8:45am

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I can make that for you. Tell me what format and what size you want the video to be. I can do black, green, or transparent background w/ alpha. Let me know if you want any specific colors or logos on the face of the CD. And let me know how fast you'd like it to be spinning.