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Project Ezekiel

Posted: Wed, 4th Jan 2006, 4:04pm

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Project Ezekiel is our first attempt at making a war genre movie. Basically, the story is about two sergeants that both command one squad. They don't get along very well and their conflicts put the rest of the squad in danger (they are already searching for one soldier).

The dialogue (and movie) was improvised.

NOTE: Compression caused some horizontal black lines across the screne at some places. (Quicktime 7 Required)

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Posted: Wed, 4th Jan 2006, 4:24pm

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This was fantastic!

I haven't laughed that much with any other film on here I think. This is an absolutely brilliant comedy. This has a brilliant "Plan 9 from outer space" quality to it with the most hilarious lines I've ever heard on an fxhome movie.

I love the way most of the lines just say what is happening, like "we're going through that fence" while pointing at the fence or the absolutely hilarious "I have to throw a grenade" bit. Or where he just randomly shouts at the other guy at the start. Brilliant. Or the part where the captain constantly aimed at the enemies while talking, but never shot one single roung during the whole scene.
My favortie dialogue must be the one after Kyle died.
"I need to talk to Kyle" "Kyle is dead" "oh, okay, bye". Fantastic!

Soundwork is also top notch. The dial tone for the radio... Brilliantly absurd. Or the way there's parts where you hear gunfire, bullet whirrling by and no one seems to be the least concerned.
And the swish-bang-boosh-sounds on the short close combat scene made that my favorite bit. I had to rewind that and looked at it for at least 10 times. Very funny.

This is going in my Top10, definately 5 stars.
Posted: Thu, 5th Jan 2006, 1:28am

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Movie was pretty good!
But, I have a lot more to criticize than praise. The acting was decent but could have been a WHOLE lot better. The constant monotone of the voice and lack of facial expressions don't really add to the effect of a "war thriller." For example, the part where Kyle died. His partner hardly looked or sounded like he cared that one of his fellow squadmembers died.

The whole plot and the way the movie played out was somewhat awkward and confusing. Like when they decide to make camp in the middle of a battle and when the second squad needed backup they said that they were holding up their end of the battle. When in reality they were just killing grass at camp. Some of the dialouge was laughable also. seriously. As mentioned before, when the sergent called in becuase he wanted to talk to kyle, and ended the conversation with an "oh ok, bye." lol at least an "over and out" would do.

Although, I do have to give compensation that the entire movie and the diolaouge was improvised. It was pretty good for a first try, just try and keep the dialouge and the story a little less corny and confusing. Thinking up a plot before production would probobly help tramednously.

Posted: Thu, 5th Jan 2006, 9:46am

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Anything i have to say has already been touched upon really.

I'm not going to sugar coat it any more than it needs to be: this was largely terrible.

If theres one thing to be learnt from this experience, its that dialogue is planned and scripts are written for a reason.

Its not unwatchable though, since there were several moments of scripting hilarity, as touched upon by previous reviewers. The best bit has to be the "oh thanks bye" but the constant unecessary commentary was also rather amusing,

"i'm going to throw a grenade" *throws grendade*.

"..through these gates" *points to something which isn't a gate at all*.

"lets go over there"

"start jogging" because breaking into a run isn't obvious enough to your troops, i guess?

There were also a couple of amusing places where the main leader guy started bellowing things for almost no reason, it was so abstract i laughed out loud.

As also mentioned before, the acting fringed on hilarious too. I said a script was needed, but even lines such as "ok thanks bye" could have been delivered by a professional well enough to mask the poorness of the line itself.

As it was however, i've got to say the taller kid seems to have *some* acting ability, but the shorter leader kid does not. Oh boy does he not. In fact I actually fell into a coma listening to him deliver his lines. I'm writing this post by the power of telekinesis from my hospital bed.

Whilst i'm on the subject of the plot, if there was one; I'm confused by the description of this movie in the FXHome cinema. It seems to bare almost no resemblance to the movie i watched. Did you even watch it?

Another thing to be noted is that in the professional film-world as a whole, adults play adult roles and children play child roles.

Adults do play child roles occasionally, but please don't give serious adult parts to people too young to grasp any of the concepts of the material. In fact, don't give adult roles to children full stop. Regardless whether they can understand the material or not, the visual appearance of a child genuinely pretending to be a man is, well, ridiculously stupid.

To these ends i'm basically saying: don't try and make a movie like this again, for at least 10 years. Or maybe ever.
Posted: Thu, 5th Jan 2006, 10:13am

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Xcession wrote:

don't try and make a movie like this again, for at least 10 years. Or maybe ever.
There is constructive criticism, then there is criticism, then there is outright degredation. While these comments may be 100% deserved, I think that's a rather rude comment to make to a 17 year old kid and his probably younger sibling. Xcession, don't get me wrong. Everything you said up to that last comment was within your right to fully comment upon the movie. But telling someone they stunk it up so bad to just give up this particular type of movie is a bit harsh in my opinion. I think your particular view could have been expressed like this:

Scripts and planning for a movie are definitely needed. In the future, take in to effect the age and experience of your actors. Your filming desires may be better suited for a different type of film and/or a different genre all together.

Is that so bad? I don't mean to start up something every time I post but I have noticed at least 10 new people on the boards each day I come on and while MovieGuy is no new member...We will all be better suited to help one another out rather than to tell people to 'not try a movie like this again'.

You're like the Simon Cowell of the fxhome cinema...


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Posted: Thu, 5th Jan 2006, 11:20am

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The 'next 10 years' bit was basically saying they should wait till they've aged 10 years and will therefore be more suited to the parts they're acting, but the 'maybe ever' bit was shameless agression for which i make no apology, since being told i'm like "The Simon Cowell of FXHome" has put a huge smile on my face! biggrin
Posted: Thu, 5th Jan 2006, 1:51pm

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Very, very funny.

"I have to through a grenade, DUCK!"

"we are near the enemy" so lets walk through the middle of this open field while yelling at each other!


However, next time you want to make a military film, get someone who is/was actually IN the military as a consultant.

I did like the camera work for most of it.

Great comedy.
Posted: Fri, 6th Jan 2006, 1:38am

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Frosty G

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Thats a little unfair to say they can't make films that involve "adult" things. I guess you would have to say that to half the people on this site.
Posted: Fri, 6th Jan 2006, 1:45am

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Simon K Jones

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While I don't agree with Xcession's tone, he does have a point. When people try to play roles that don't realistically make sense, it can spoil the overall flow of the movie.

In professional movies, adults play adults, children play children, teenagers play teenagers, etc. Hence why Haley Joel Osment didn't get the role of Aragorn a few years back, and why Tom Hanks didn't play the kid in The Sixth Sense.

In some cases, of course, it's all a bit of fun, so it doesn't really matter. But when films edge towards aiming at realism or a proper plot/theme/etc, it becomes more relevant.

Films such as The Goonies have shown that you can make brilliant adventure movies with kids playing their actual ages - it'd be great to see more of that in the cinema.

As for this movie, parts of it show a lot of promise, the general look of it is well done. However, the scripting, plot and dialogue issues mentioned by others here do lead to unintentional hilarity. If MovieGuy334 and his crew work on developing a strong script for their next movie, I imagine they'll be onto a winner.

Oh yes, I was wondering - what exactly is Project Ezekiel? It's a cool title, but didn't ever seem to be explained.
Posted: Fri, 6th Jan 2006, 9:36am

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From the garbled lines i could make out, it seems Project Ezekiel was the name of their squad, oddly.
Posted: Fri, 6th Jan 2006, 3:41pm

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All I have to say is I can't believe you used that song by Green Day.
Posted: Sat, 7th Jan 2006, 12:02am

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I enjoyed watching this, although I couldn't give it a 4 or 5.

The best parts have to be the grading and overall cinematography. With 1 or two exceptions, I thought you had solid sound design (nice work with the helicopter pan). I couldn't have done better!

I can see where some people had problems with the dialog. Maybe if you cut a few lines where actors explained what they were doing, it might have been stronger. For example, if you replaced some of your dialgo with military hand signals, that might have improved the production value. An example of what I mean is shown here

I don't take age into factor because you guys are still learning and wanted to try something new (you clearly state that this is your first attempt at making a war movie). It has been documented that young people fight in wars, so I don't think age is a factor, as so much how the story was written.

If you'd like me to give more specific critique please send me a PM. I'd be happy to respond.

I gave this a three, and know that I look forward in giving you a better rating on your next project!
Posted: Sat, 7th Jan 2006, 12:43am

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It's kinda hard to find adults to play roles when you're young. Work with what you have. Also don't give up on film making. You didn't fail at making a movie, you just found a way to not make a movie. Just keep at it.
Posted: Sat, 7th Jan 2006, 6:00am

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We were just bored and felt like making a movie for fun. I just wanted to post it on the internet for a laugh.

Thanks for the comments. Our future movies have scripts.

Posted: Sat, 7th Jan 2006, 8:47am

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Framen Noodles

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One of my favorite parts is when...the main character???...was shooting in the woods/forest and has that ridiculous recoil of that gun, great fun.

I would totally have to agree with Sollthar comments those were tasty!
Posted: Fri, 19th May 2006, 11:25pm

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That was a funny movie. I am about a month or two away from getting Visionlab.
Keep making movies you guys

P.S.- The film company I have is called "No Limits Productions". Weird Huh?