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any video tutorials?

Posted: Mon, 9th Jan 2006, 7:02am

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Hi all and a happy new creative year. Santa forgot me this year so i've decided to buy a present on my own.I've already tried almost all of the demos of the new products but...i've found them bit difficult to understand how exactly they did work. I'd like to see some video tutorials with the basics. This will help me more easily to decide.

thank you in advance.
Posted: Tue, 10th Jan 2006, 4:30am

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cotsosdel wrote:

I'd like to see some video tutorials with the basics.
Perhaps Tarn will make some of those video tutorials that made him famous back when AlamDV2 was the big thing around town. I am sure others miss those as well (nudge, nudge...Tarn). I am not certain if there are any plans to go back to video tutorials, but until then, there is a vary helpful selection of text based tutorials which would most likely prove very useful to you; those can be found here.

I am also always willing to help when and where I can. If you have any specific topic you would like help with, you could private message me, or just post in the forums, and I would be happy to address it, or if your question is complicated enough, write a quick tutorial of my own. If I am not able to at the time, there are plenty of other members willing and able to address many of the questions you may have.

cotsosdel wrote:

Santa forgot me this year...
I am sorry to hear that. I am going to have to mention that to him the next time I see him.

See, willing to help.
Posted: Sat, 14th Jan 2006, 8:53am

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Ah yes, Wizard is the man you want when you're dealing with custom tutorials. That's how he earned that lovely 'Superuser' icon. Furthermore, if you jumble up the letters in his name, you get 'Dwariz', which has absolutely nothing to do with anything.