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planet/space generator?

Posted: Tue, 10th Jan 2006, 8:08am

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Hey, does anybody know of a program like terragen, but for space and planets? Preferably free-ware? Thanks.
Posted: Tue, 17th Jan 2006, 2:56pm

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I dont know any but that would be pritty cool.
Posted: Tue, 17th Jan 2006, 10:35pm

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I have a cool thing that makes quick time movies and pictures of space. You don't actually make the planets, they're just there. It's called galexy expolorer. It's not free though.

Posted: Wed, 18th Jan 2006, 6:41am

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you could try BLENDER its a free 3d program, the planets arnt there to begin with but im sure i can help you make them.

if you would like any help just pm me smile

here are some pics i made using blender

enjoy biggrin
Posted: Mon, 1st May 2006, 6:39am

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I would definately recoment blender for something like that. Just a warning though, it takes a long time to learn, even with tutorials. Also be aware that every time they release a version, the location of buttons almost always changes. But, I view these things as chalenges more than set backs. With blender, the following equation is pretty acurate.

Level of Skill with Blender X Ammount of Time spent = Quality of result.

The more you experement, the better you get.
Posted: Sun, 4th Jun 2006, 1:36am

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I have been useing Vue 5. It's awsome and easy to use. Great presets and a auto Ecosystem preset. Look into it, it's worth it.
Posted: Sun, 11th Jun 2006, 3:53am

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I have been reading some of the post like on backdrops and this one looking for planets. I found some planets when I did a search on this site for free.
Seems its a standalone program for free also.

They seem to have alot of free stuff here. I registered for free and then did a search on the free stuff. Note the keyword I am using is FREE.

I am not affiliated with it or anything like that. I just like it for the free downloads for nearly any kind of 3d program.

I hope you can find what your looking for I found some cool stuff on the free searchs.