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Presets in a bunch.

Posted: Tue, 10th Jan 2006, 10:13pm

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As the preset library is growing rapidly, (a good thing) and remembering what a pain the plugins got to be in AlamDV, would it be possible to maybe lump them into a zip bundle every 50 or so?

Or alternately, make them available via FTP?

Something other than downloading them one at a time?
Posted: Wed, 11th Jan 2006, 9:25pm

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definatley. I totally agree. Having a bundle all together would be really useful.

also, wouldn't it be great if there were be an infobox for new presets? that would be great.
Posted: Thu, 12th Jan 2006, 5:15pm

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I asked about that before. They said it makes it easier for hackers to obtain and there is no need to use all enyways. I don't agree on this because alamdv is one thing but this thing got timestamps. In order to download the plugins you need a account. So it makes no difrence. I hope they do release a zip with all. It would make it easier. Also I know odds of me useing all the plugins are slim ; but idlike to have that option. Who knows thogh now with the timestamp maybe they will relase zips.
Posted: Fri, 13th Jan 2006, 10:01am

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I have added a preset infobox (and a rss feed for people who like that sorta thing).

We are still considering the best way to do mass downloads. With AlamDV2 it wasn't really an option, firstly because the plugins were huge, and secondly because the program couldn't cope with you installing them all. But we are expecting to have a far bigger library of presets, and for people to be download quite a few of them, so we do need a better way for people to get them without downloading one at a time.

I'm not too keen on the one big zip idea. The presets change quite a lot and new ones are added all the time. We'd have to create a new zip every day, and people would have to download the whole thing even if they have most of the plugins already. Splitting them up into packs of 50 would work better but still not cope with the problems of presets changing, and people would still complain they can't just get everything they want in a single download.

The option we'll probably go with for now is a basket like system. You click the "add to basket" option next to each preset and it adds it to a list. We'll probably make it so you can add multiple items to your basket with one click too. Then at the end you click the download button and you get a big zip of all the presets on your list. This option has its own problems too, but they are mainly to do with resource management on the server.

The system we'd like to have in the future is a presets browser actually embedded in the program. So when you go to add a preset in the program you see a list of all the website presets as well as the ones you have locally installed. Then if you select a website preset to use it will automatically download and install it for you. So basically you will have an always up to date list of presets without having to do large downloads all the time.
Posted: Fri, 13th Jan 2006, 10:31am

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Vault FX

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Hi, malone thats is a really good idea, I think that would work really well and I think it would really hit off smile

Posted: Fri, 13th Jan 2006, 3:48pm

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Wow thankx. That would be awsome. This is why no company can compare to fxhome. You guys have the best customer service and constant updates. Thank you so much for all your hardwork. It sure is much apreciated.