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SuperUser Elections.

Posted: Thu, 12th Jan 2006, 5:03am

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A few years ago I was on a forum board (about six years ago) which was apart of the company Special Reserve. Anyways, every three months they held an election in the forum where all the users were entitled to one vote - each voted on a name for as they saw as the most helpful person and that person became a 'notable'.

We should do a similar thing here at fxhome? Every three months a post is made by the team (obviously generate some buzz first) and allow for users to vote from a select few people (that the team pick).

It'd be pretty good fun, and raise the interest of users visiting/posting in the community smile
Posted: Thu, 12th Jan 2006, 6:11am

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Whoa. The Superusers forum is alive again.

Sounds like a cool idea, er-no. It would be nice to reward the chappies who are particularly helpful to others, as has been done in the past (to anyone who can read this).

A bit of a letdown for the nominees who are acknowledged as being particularly helpful, but recieve no reward for it though. All nominees get a force point boost, perhaps?
Posted: Thu, 12th Jan 2006, 10:51pm

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Sounds good to me. smile
Posted: Fri, 13th Jan 2006, 12:48am

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Well this does sound like an interesting idea, and would add some incentive for others to help, which is always nice, although the rate up system does offer this as well. I just want to clarify the main idea here. Are you suggesting that every three months, a new super user is elected for being helpful? Or are you saying that they simply get recognition, and a new award is created, or they get a set amount of force, or something to that affect?

If the idea is to have a new super user every three months, there would then be four super users a year, and if I am doing this math correctly, that would mean eight in a span of two years; which is a big change from how the super user process use to be. That is quite a few super users, and would almost take a way the importance of the title to most.

I like the idea of promoting other members helping out, and do think that you are on to something here with the prospect of making some kind of reward for helpful members, which is great, and a unique idea.

I am intrigued.