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Rocket trail toward camera

Posted: Fri, 13th Jan 2006, 9:16am

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Hi there,

Can anyone help me out with a rocket trail preset? I am attempting to composite a saturn V rocket lifting off ( I have the background and the rocket layers), and am trying to get:

A) the smoke spilling across the ground as the rocket kicks in

B) the rocket trail as the rocket lifts off towards the camera (think Apollo 13 movie).

Any help would be gratefully received


Posted: Tue, 17th Jan 2006, 2:11am

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Not sure about the rocket trail leading towards the camera, but if you're interested in some pretty cool pre-made effects, there is an awesome shot of smoke billowing out towards the camera at this website:

Give it a look, it's under Shockwave Toolkit 1, Ground Blast. I'm sure once you import it you could change the colors to match that of a rocket take-off.

Hope this helps until someone more experienced can help you out.