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Day For Night preset

Posted: Sun, 15th Jan 2006, 3:02am

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Does anyone have any stills/shots of the Day For Night Preset in use? I am just wondering how well it works and what it looks like beyond that one shot provided on the site. Anything that anyone might have would be cool.
Posted: Sun, 15th Jan 2006, 5:58am

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Couldn't you just download it and test it out on some of your footage?

I know it seems crazy... but it just might work wink
Posted: Sun, 15th Jan 2006, 9:49pm

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As is true with any day-for night technique, how you shoot it is the most important aspect of getting really good results. But the preset does do a nice job of creating the effect, and the nice thing about presets, they are fully adjustable, so depending on the particluar footage you are working with, you can alter the settings as needed to improve it.

Quickest and easiest answer to your question though, is just to give it a try, as Marek suggested. It'll take about 2 seconds to download, and you can try it on any footage you want and see how it turns out.