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Rooftop at night

Posted: Tue, 17th Jan 2006, 3:04am

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Hey guys,

I'm doing a Batman / Superman fan film, and thus I need some rooftop backdrops...I can't find any decent pictures on google, and I was really hoping someone here could help me out. I need just a basic picture of a rooftop, maybe some buildings in the background, that sorta know, something Batman would patrol around on.

I appreciate any help or direction you guys could give me. As I said, google didn't help much, but if you know of another link or something or if you happen to have something laying around. Thanks!
Posted: Tue, 17th Jan 2006, 6:34am

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That's a google search result and it looks okay.

That one is too.

I know they're both during the day, but it's fairly easy to fix that. Il'll do it for you if you don't know how.