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Lava Lightsaber Duel

Posted: Tue, 17th Jan 2006, 11:17am

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A short lightsaber duel that takes place on a lava filled planet. (This is the correct version. Last time I uploaded the wrong file ,which was not the newest version. So please download it again and post reviews on the newest version.)

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Posted: Tue, 17th Jan 2006, 9:31pm

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Whoo! First Post!

Well, I first must state it was actually quiet a well done action preofrmance. The sequenceing between clips (Specifficly the falling and action scenes could have been somewhat better though.

The Lava "Splurt" seemed to need a bit more of a color change. Next time, when you want things in the surrondings to be used in a present or effect, try to make them match the same color as the preset one. it seemed off contrast with the backgrounds lava.

Your faces in the beginning were a bit "odd." It seemed you were trying to hard to look angry, but thats just my opionion.

I liked how you blurred the saber a bit, but it could have been done a bit more.

Anyway, I overall give this a 2/5, very nice effort guys, remember, in film making, even the smallest things count.

Peace, Alex Cull
Posted: Wed, 18th Jan 2006, 1:17am

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Did not see it. Server too slow.
Posted: Thu, 19th Jan 2006, 1:20am

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Rating: -1

An advice, use your skills to make something ells. Do not copy others... There are way to many lightsaber battles out there, you are just doing something others have done hundred of times before you.

For instance, some of does who rate the movies on this site, seems to rate them in this way: do the movie have lightsabers or not... If it has, they will give it a 5, if it does not, well then it definitely does not get a five...

On the other hand I give this one 2/5, not becuase it contains lightsabers, but pretty much because of the same reasons told by "alexcull".
Posted: Thu, 19th Jan 2006, 4:18am

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Cool. You guys are pretty good.
3/5, not bad.
Were there actually blades on the lightsaber handles?
Posted: Thu, 19th Jan 2006, 4:44am

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This was ok, the 3d wasn't bad, the lava particles sucked. The 3d doubles were terrible, use a spinny chair and motion track points on the chair. The choreography was kind of lame, it was just basic hit back and forth. The lightsabers were pretty bad, not very good rotoing and they were too hard, feather them up a bit and change the colors to make them loook more glowy. The way you used the 3d was pretty cool, then end scene for example. 2/5, nice effort.
Posted: Thu, 19th Jan 2006, 5:58am

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First off, I hated the frozen digital characters. I felt those in particular looked just awful. The 3D environment had its perks, but also had downfalls. The almost slimey lava was gross, and the rotoscoped sabers were too harsh for the distance from the camera and in the greenscreen environment. The choreography was my favorite thing of this movie, even if it did get a bit repititious at times. People seem to go harsh on you guys because your young, but I think it was a decent first attempt. A 2/5 seems a bit low, so ill give you guys an extra point for effort.

3/5 For fair greenscreening, decent choreography, and good effort
Posted: Thu, 19th Jan 2006, 10:19pm

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master anakin

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the clip isn't working for me i'll try again
Posted: Thu, 19th Jan 2006, 10:37pm

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master anakin

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I can't get this movie to work and it really looked interesting for the first milisecond. for some reason it would stop right after it's ready to play and thats where i'm having the trouble.
Posted: Fri, 20th Jan 2006, 4:27am

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LOL @ THIS FILM, lol fight scene looked alittle planned at times.. with ur repetitive spins, but its all good was alittle intertaining to watch
Posted: Sat, 21st Jan 2006, 11:43am

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Ok the effects were ok but it semed a bit slow and practiced
the 3d effects were a bit lousy but the rest was ok

i`ll give you a 2/5 for the movie
Posted: Mon, 23rd Jan 2006, 11:35pm

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I agree with the comments on the expression on the faces of both of the two kids. The first one looked as if he was stifling a laugh. They certainly did not look like two people about to engage in a to-the-death fight. I thought the light sabers looked o.k. Good job working out the fighting itself. That probably took a bit of time. Sound of the sabers was good also.
Posted: Sun, 5th Feb 2006, 12:10am

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Ok, I just saw this, after a pretty long wait due to a slow server and felt that I had to post what I thought of it.

I'll start with the pros: for one, you obviously spent a good deal of time cheorigraphing, though it did get repatative and was a bit simple (not to mention all the uneccesary spins). Second, the greenscreening was pretty good, though there was one breif shot where I thought I could see some green outlining the charactor. Lastly, I thought it looked like you put a good bit of effort into the piece and then, I liked the lightsaber props.

On the downside, I guess the best place to start would be the acting. As said before, there should have been more emotion in them, and when the sith kid was smirking, it looked like he was trying not to break out in hysterical laughter. Then, being a CG artist, I have to make a comment on the 3D, particularly the static charactors you placed in the opening and final shots. The static actors looked, I am sorry to say, pretty awful. Obviously, you put them in there because it would be hard to get the real camera to go with the virtual one, though it would have been better if you had just done a zoom or something like that in the opening shot as opposed to that, just for the sake of actually showing the actors. If you were to do it in 3d, you really should have spent enough time to get decent models and materials for it. It was obviously a crude model with some basic coloring. Then, there's that 3D backround. Though it was not as bad as the statics, it was still pretty poor 3D. This could have easily been fixed had you spent more time. Then the cg lava that skirted up was also poorly done. It looked to slimy and not liquidy and lava-ish enough. Once again, I say this from the standpoint of a CG artist who spends months perfecting every lighting condition in the most simple scene, so though I try not to sound harsh, it may come out that way (I hope not). Then the costumes needed work. It doesn't cost much and it doesn't take much effort to make a simple Jedi costume, but now that I think of it, I think I even saw a logo on the Jedi's shirt. Anyway, the last con would be the lightsaber glows. The blades were far too harsh, especially from where the camera was. Besides that, the the camera cheoreagrophy could have been better and the compositing could have been better (like put more of a lighting spill on the charectors so it looks more convincing).

Good effort though. Keep on filming. I'm giving this a 2/5 for the lightsaber cheorigraphy, greenscreening, and most importantly, some solid effort as I see.

Posted: Sun, 26th Feb 2006, 3:47am

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I saw where you were going with this. It was a good first attempt.

The greenscreening was ok, but the places just seemed kinda small. Also there were too many uneeded spins. But I know some things that can help you choreagraph your duels
Got to
to help with your duels.

Hope this helps. Keep at it.
Posted: Sun, 28th May 2006, 10:09pm

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6/5 a great film were those actual prop replica lightsabers?
Posted: Mon, 29th May 2006, 2:32am

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King of Blades

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Alright, this movie needs something else than just a saber duel. I mean, like someone else said that you can do something else with your skills. And with the opening "scene", it could be a bit better than just a mere CGI environment and character; do you not live in a house with a backyard? Do some actual acting, man! But the duel overall was pretty good:)