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A question about purchasing EffectsLab Pro

Posted: Tue, 31st Jan 2006, 3:39am

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I'm not sure if i'm allowed to ask this here or if this is regarded as a "support" question. I noticed that purchasing EffectsLab Pro through the site is a download purchase. Does this mean I can only download it once on "one" computer? I have 3 computers at home, 2 of them macs and 1 a pc, and i would like to have the program on all 3 or at least 2. Will it mean i have to purchase it 3 times for 3 different computers? Please answer.. thanks.
Posted: Tue, 31st Jan 2006, 3:52am

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You can download EffectsLab Pro (or any FXHome product) as many times as you desire. You can have your whole hard-drive full of different EffectsLab installers. You cannot, by the restraints of the license agreement, install 3 copies on 3 computers and use the one serial key that you purchased.

If you want to have 3 computers with EffectsLab on each, you would need to purchase 3 copies of EffectsLab.

Hope this clears some things up for you.

Posted: Tue, 31st Jan 2006, 1:04pm

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I think you can uninstall it on th first computer, then install it on any other computer. And back again. Shortly, i think it's one computer at a time.