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Greenscreen TV

Posted: Thu, 16th Feb 2006, 11:07pm

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I was wondering how I would go about taking footage of someone going into a tv with a greenscreen liner, which i would track what is supposed to be on tv, to create the effect of someone entering the TV.Also, how I would create the difference in the two realities, where on the inside the color is more washed out, and you can see distortion as the person enters the TV. I also have Adobe After Effects Pro, if that would be better for the job than a Lab program. I believe something similar to what was done in the sequence in The Ring.
Posted: Thu, 16th Feb 2006, 11:33pm

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I'm sure there are a bunch of more technical and "visual-effects" ways to do this.
I think to solve this issue, the first thing you have to manage is to actually have a guy crawling into the television. To make that look good my bet is that to actually have a TV prop which don't have a inside, just the shell and crawl right into it. The dificuiltes I can see not doing it that way is that you have to shot it all infront of a greenscreen and later composite the enviroment and tv. To pull that off you both have to do great keying, add shadows and make the composite rock solid. So my bet is to do this "old style" and actually walk through the telly.

Then later on I would mask out where the screen usually is (a mask for the actor is probably needed too depeding on angle) add some kind of "force-field" look to it which would probably require a bunch of gradefilters and some kind of fisheye or lens/image-distortion filter, which all can be done in the fxhome range.
Posted: Fri, 17th Feb 2006, 2:09am

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Thank you, i was intending on actually doing the it physically, but i guess you could composite just like a hand or arm, im probably just going to do a slight distortion as opposed to a ripple, amd im deciding what type of effects i want to use on the mask, maybe grain, discoloration, ect. could i take a pass of the screen and composite that to create a glare? there is so many ways to do this....