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Grading: Vertical lines

Posted: Sat, 18th Feb 2006, 1:13pm

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How to make glowing vertical lines in CompositeLab Pro

This tutorial will cover the basic parts of how to make the apperiance of that the camera lens is all covered in fog. We're going to create vertical lines trough the brightest areas of the picture. The highlights will then look like they're blured with a slight glow around, but at the same time you can see the details of the picture.

In this tutorial we will be using this picture to work on:

First you open up a new project in CompositeLab. Choose the settings that fits you needs, and import the shot. You then place it onto the timeline. Now, the real trick about this particular effect is that we're going to doublicate the shot. So, right-click on it at the timeline, and select "Copy Object".

Now we have to paste the shot, so that we got two of them. Right-click on the empty area over the shot, and select "Paste 'name of your shot' Object".

Now we have our two identical shots. Double-click on the new copy and set the composite mode to "Lighten". This will composite our copy in a very cool way! wink

Now we have to make the vertical lines. Double-click on "Grade" in the copy.

Lots of grading options will now appear. We're going to use Blur:Angle, Saturation and Gamma. The sliders can be adjusted, all depending on your shot, but for this we'll be using something like this:

Now, our project will look quite cool! But we're not quite finished yet. Double-click on "Composite". Select "Glow: Composite" and set the sliders to fit your taste.

The effect is now finished! biggrin If everything is done right, the picture should look like this:

Enjoy! wink

PS: I know there are alot of pictures in this tutorial, but personally I find pictures very helpfull when explaining something..!
Posted: Sat, 18th Feb 2006, 6:56pm

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Awsome tut. It could be very usful for a dream. p.s. I like the pictures!!!
Posted: Sat, 18th Feb 2006, 7:02pm

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Thanx! biggrin I made a preset for the effect first, but it got rejected. (Probably because it's an effect for more than one track of footage..) Yeah, it could be used for a dream as well..! Or whatever you want! No limits..! biggrin

Posted: Mon, 20th Feb 2006, 2:54pm

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Well Done Oeyvind, again very nice tutorial smile +1 Oh, the possabilities, lol smile